Discover the Frequently Asked Questions regarding integrations in this page

1. Can we connect to a different Zendesk instance by clicking "reconnect" from the integrations page?

Ans: No - clicking on Reconnect will only allow users to connect with the same Zendesk instance. Clicking on the Disconnect button would however allow you to remove the current integration and connect to another Zendesk domain.

If you want to use multiple Zendesk instances shared with the same Slack workspace, you can create a child account to connect with another Zendesk domain. Learn how to do that here.

2. Can we connect to a different Zendesk instance on the same ClearFeed account?

Ans: Yes - you can visit the Integrations page and click on Disconnect beside the Zendesk integration to remove the current integration.

Once it is disconnected - click on Connect to start a fresh integration with a different Zendesk domain.

2. How does ClearFeed map users between Slack and the integrated external ticketing system?

Ans: The mapping of users between ClearFeed and the ticketing system depends on the integration. Below - you'll find the details for every integration.

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