Request Priorities

ClearFeed Requests support four different priorities. These are:

  • Urgent

  • High

  • Normal

  • Low

Requests Priority Management

  • Request priorities are automatically assigned either Normal or High priorities by ClearFeed AI. Other priorities such as Urgent or Low have to be currently marked manually.

  • Request priority can be changed via the ClearFeed Web App or via the request message on Triage.

  • You can edit request priority by using the Edit button on the Triage request message.

  • You can find Priority as additional column on the collection dashboard by selecting priority from Modify Columns

  • ClearFeed workflows can also be configured based on priority. This allows workflows to be triggered based on the priority of the request.

  • Requests on ClearFeed dashboard can be filtered on basis of priority using the Priority filters.

How does ClearFeed assign priority to requests?

ClearFeed uses in-house AI systems to assign priority to requests, on basis of keywords used. By default all requests are classified as Normal priority.

If any request is created by end-customer containing any of the keywords below, used in a positive sense, the request priority will automatically be upgraded to High. The default keywords are:

  • critical

  • as soon as possible

  • asap

  • p0

  • p1

  • urgent

  • blocker

  • important

  • immediate help

  • priority

  • hipri

  • emergency

  • immediate

  • immediately

  • urgency

Only if these keywords are used in a positive sense will this request be classified as a High priority.

For example: The request containing the text This is not an urgent bug will not be considered as High priority but, the request containing the text This is an urgent bug will be considered as a High priority.

Please note that these keywords have to be used by a non-responder in any message in an request thread to automatically classify the request as High priority.

These are the default keywords included, please contact us either via your Slack channel with ClearFeed or via to add keywords customized for your workflow.

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