When creating a ticket

Configuring the Create Action form

The Create ticket form is enabled by default for all forms. Below, we break down the key aspects of configuring this form effectively:

  1. Enable or Disable: The Create Action Form is enabled by default, but you can disable it using the dedicated toggle.

  2. Configure the different fields. Learn more about the different field properties below.

Field Properties for Creating Freshdesk Tickets

  • Adding Fields: Add fields by selecting from the Freshdesk Fields table.

  • Removing Fields: Click the delete icon to remove a field from the form.

    • Note: Contact Email, Subject, and Description are non-removable and pre-filled by ClearFeed. However, they can be hidden to prevent modification.

  • Default Values: Default values automatically populate the corresponding Freshdesk fields when a ticket is created.

    • Note: Default values cannot be entered for non-removable fields.

  • Hidden Fields: To ensure specific fields are not modified during ticket creation, you can hide them from the Create Action Form.

    • Note: When hiding a field, mandatorily assign a default value.

  • Permissions: Using the Editable by column, choose between All users or Only responders to specify who can fill a given field when creating a ticket.

  • Required Field: Specify if the field is optional or mandatory when creating a ticket.

Allow Creating Freshdesk Tickets Without a Form:

  • If all fields in a form are hidden, responders and requesters can create a ticket without filling out a form.

  • If all fields in a Form are set to be editable by only responders, requesters can create a ticket without filling out a form.

    • Note: In both cases, the pre-filled or default value of fields will be populated in Freshdesk.

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