Automatically adding ClearFeed to Slack Channels

Automatically Adding ClearFeed to Slack Channels

This feature is currently enabled for customers via the backend. Please get in touch with us via Slack or to enable this.

  • Please specify the name of the Collection they want new Slack Connect channels to be automatically added to.

  • Specify the naming pattern that your channels will follow.

ClearFeed will be automatically added to new Slack channels that match a specific naming pattern.

E.g. if new channels in your workspace are being named acme-<customer_name> - ClearFeed will be added to all these channels automatically.

Adding channel to Collections

  • Adding ClearFeed to a Slack Connect channel only adds the bot, it does not automatically add the channel to a Collection.

  • To ensure channels are automatically added to a Collection:

    • The ClearFeed bot must be present in the channel.

    • The channel name must match the specific naming pattern.

    • When a channel is shared (converted to a Slack Connect channel), ClearFeed automatically adds the channel to the designated Collection.

Additional Notes

  • ClearFeed will also add the bot to all channels matching the pattern at the time the feature is enabled for a customer.

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