Setting Up Email Integration

Steps to enable Email ticketing:

Setup Support Email using ClearFeed

Configure a new support email with ClearFeed

  1. ClearFeed provides the support email in the following format -> support@<subdomain>

  2. You can let us know the subdomain that should be used in the above format

    • E.g: If your company's name is Acme, you can configure the domain as

  3. All new emails at this address will be recorded as tickets on Slack

Using your existing email with forwarding

If you have an existing support email - you can set up forwarding to keep using the same email to receive support tickets.

  1. Provide us with the subdomain to be used in the following format: support@<subdomain>

  2. Setup forwarding to the above domain from your primary email by following the steps here:

  3. Once the forwarding is set up - requests from your existing support email will be synced directly to Slack.

Share the Slack Channel ID

Please provide the Channel ID of the Slack channel where you would like the tickets from email to arrive.

Configure Acknowledgement

ClearFeed can automatically send an acknowledgment to requesters once they send an email for support.

  • You can choose to enable/disable this acknowledgment message.

  • You can also customize the message.

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