Triage Channel Settings

Explore the Triage channel settings at By clicking on the Edit button - you can modify the properties of a particular triage channel.

The Active label is added to any triage channel that has been connected to at least one collection.

Triage Mode

Triage modes allow you to choose which requests you want to be managed via the triage channel.

All Requests Mode

  • In this mode, all messages that are classified as requests by ClearFeed will be shown on the Triage Channel.

  • This is the default mode all triage channels will operate with.

Only Tickets Mode

  • When this mode is selected, only requests on the request channel that have been converted to tickets via Emoji action or automatic ticketing will be visible on the Triage channel.

When the modes are changed, only new requests will switch over to the new behavior.

Triage Comment Visibility

Triage comment visibility controls what replies from your team's discussions on the triage channel are visible to the requestor.

  • Public: All comments from the triage channel will be synced to the request channel except for those prefixed with a (🔒) emoji (these comments will remain internal to triage).

  • Private: No comments from the triage channel will be synced to the request channel except those prefixed with a (📢) emoji.

Disable Tagging

Enable this to stop users from being tagged in triage channels. This helps prevent duplicate notifications when you're tagged in request channels.

Push Private Messages to Tickets

Use the 🔒emoji at the start of a message to make it private. By default, these stay within Slack. If this setting is toggled on, private messages are added as internal comments to the linked ticket.

Note: Currently, only Freshdesk and Zendesk are supported. Private messages are pushed as private notes on Freshdesk and internal comments on Zendesk.

Sync mode

Choose whether all internal (🔒) comments from ClearFeed are synced to the ticketing system or only selected ones.

Here's a look at how the private messages from Slack are synced to the ticketing system:


Triage notifications remind responders about Open and Unsolved items, highlighting those with High priority. ClearFeed sends two different digests:

  1. Daily Digest

    • Notify daily for Requests that are 'Open' and need a response.

  2. Weekly Digest

    • Notify every Monday for unsolved Requests from the last month until the most recent week.

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