Triage Settings

Through Triage Settings present in the Account Settings, users can create and edit triage channel settings for each channel.

Create a new triage channel

You can create a new triage slack channel in your workspace by using the Create new triage channel option.

Triage Settings while setting up a new triage channel

  • Create a new Slack channel easily by using the Create new channel option and adding a name to the triage channel.

  • Select an existing Triage channel and convert it to a triage channel. This is possible for public channels and private channels that have a ClearFeed bot added.

  • Select the Triage mode which determines if all requests flow into the triage channel or only tickets.

  • Choose to enable Automated Answers on the triage channel. Learn how to do that here.

  • Disable tagging users on the triage channel.

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