Mapping Zendesk Forms to Collection

By default, all active Zendesk Forms are available for creating tickets in Collections where Zendesk ticketing is enabled. However, you can selectively map certain Forms to a Collection and restrict the Forms available for ticket creation.

Users attempting to create a ticket from a monitored channel will only see the Forms mapped to that Collection.


  • Zendesk Ticketing needs to be enabled for a Collection.

  • Only the Forms with an active Create Action Form will be available for mapping.

Mapping Forms from Collection Settings

  1. Navigate to Collections -> Settings.

  2. Go to Ticketing Settings.

  3. In the Forms Availability section, select the Specific Forms option

  4. From the available forms, select the ones you want to associate with this Collection.


  • If a mapped Form (or its Create action form) is disabled, it will break the Form's existing mapping with any Collection, and prevent it from being used to create tickets on Slack.

  • Any form can be mapped to multiple collections.

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