Importing Forms from Zendesk

Bring your forms from Zendesk to ClearFeed and seamlessly create tickets


Seamlessly transfer Forms created on Zendesk, comprising default and custom fields, to ClearFeed. Retaining the original structure, these imported forms empower users to efficiently create and edit Zendesk tickets right from Slack.

Read further to understand how you can import your Zendesk forms.

Pre-requisites for importing forms

  1. Zendesk should be integrated with ClearFeed to make these forms visible. Learn how to integrate with Zendesk here.

  2. You would need existing forms created on Zendesk that can be imported.

  3. Make sure the Forms that you want to import are set as Active in Zendesk.

Steps to import Zendesk forms

  1. Navigate to Objects in ClearFeed.

  2. Select Zendesk Ticketing from the dropdown menu, and open the Forms tab.

  3. Hover over the Add Form button, and you will notice an option to Import from Zendesk.

  4. Under the Select Form dropdown, you will notice all the active forms on Zendesk.

  5. Select the form that you want to import into ClearFeed and click on Import Form.

  6. Once the Zendesk Form is imported, you can configure the Create and Edit action forms by following the steps mentioned:

  7. Once the forms are configured, click on Save.

Field configuration for imported forms

When you integrate Zendesk forms into ClearFeed, the transition includes the incorporation of all custom fields from the Zendesk form. These fields are conveniently displayed on the right-hand side under the dedicated section labeled "Zendesk fields."

Users can seamlessly tailor these fields within the create and edit forms specifically designed for the imported Zendesk form.

Example: Notice the following form in Zendesk that is to be imported into ClearFeed

The fields that are a part of the Zendesk form are available to be added for Create and Edit ticket forms in ClearFeed as shown below:

Note: Only supported Zendesk field types will be available to be added to the form. Currently support field types are: Text, Multi-line, Drop-down, Multi-select, and Checkbox. Unsupported field types will be flagged with a warning to inform users about their limitations.

Adding/Removing fields to the parent Zendesk Form

When the parent Zendesk form is modified - that is, when fields are added or removed, the corresponding imported form on ClearFeed also reflects this change in the following manner.

Removing fields from parent Zendesk form

If fields are deleted from the original Zendesk form, the corresponding fields will be automatically removed from both the Create and Edit forms in ClearFeed. Additionally, these fields will no longer be accessible for selection when configuring this specific form in subsequent instances. This ensures synchronization between the parent Zendesk form and the associated imported forms.

Note: When utilizing the imported form to create tickets, the original set of fields (prior to any updates) will remain accessible when a user attempts to edit an existing ticket.

Adding fields to the parent Zendesk form

Upon adding fields to the primary Zendesk form, you will observe that these newly added fields become available for selection, allowing you to include them in the imported Zendesk form. This ensures seamless integration and flexibility, enabling users to enhance the imported form with the latest fields from the parent Zendesk form as needed.

Note: If new fields are incorporated into the Edit form, users attempting to modify an existing ticket will continue to view the original set of fields. This means that any additions to the Edit form won't reflect on previously created tickets, ensuring consistency and avoiding potential confusion during the editing process.

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