File a Ticket button

Request Routing must be enabled in your DM Collection to create tickets using the File a Ticket button. Learn how to do that here.

Users can easily create a ticket without sending any message using the File a Ticket button.

How do you create and track tickets using the File a Ticket button?

  1. Navigate to the ClearFeed Slack App.

  2. Click on File a ticket button

  3. You will see a dropdown of all available Forms, grouped by the Collections they're linked to.

  4. Select the relevant Form.

  5. Enter the details and your ticket will be created

  6. You can track and update the created ticket from the Messages section in the ClearFeed Slack App or under the My Tickets view.

  7. Replies from agents would also land in the same thread.

Only ClearFeed and Zendesk ticketing are currently supported by this method. If you want support for other ticketing integrations, please notify us at

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