Response Management

Learn different ways on how to respond to the requests created in ClearFeed

ClearFeed is built for Slack-first teams that prefer working on customer requests on Slack. We don't yet support the ability to respond from the web dashboard. Responders can manage responses from Slack in the following 3 ways:

Response Management from Triage Channels

By creating a triage channel, you can efficiently handle requests by consolidating them into a single queue that all agents or responders can access:

  • Once the Triage channel is enabled, any requests from channels included in the collection will be forwarded to it.

  • All replies to the request thread in the Triage channel will be displayed on the same thread in the original request channel.

  • The triage channel allows you to modify the status and assignment of requests using the edit function. Additionally, you can use various actions to convert requests into tickets or integrate them with engineering tools.

Pro Tips:

  • Mute all request channels that you are a part of to avoid dual notifications

    • For a few stakeholders (eg. support reps and engineers), it would make sense to exit the request channels

  • As much as possible, discourage customers from tagging specific individuals from the client servicing team and encourage customers to confine requests to a single thread

Response Management from Request Channels

Agents can work on customer requests directly from the request channels. To facilitate request management, you can set up the following shortcuts for each collection:

  • 👀 to assign requests to yourself

  • ✅ to solve requests

  • 🎟ī¸ to create tickets

In this case, agents can use the triage channel to review the status of requests across all the request channels and reassign requests to teammates.

Pro Tips:

Response Management from the ClearFeed Web App

Agents can work from the ClearFeed web application by filtering requests from the Collection's request dashboard.

  • Open up any request and reply directly from the web app.

  • Replies are synced to the triage channel and the request channel.

  • Replies are also synced to linked tickets.

  • You can also make internal comments from the web interface itself that would be synced to the triage channel.

Note: Attachments are not currently supported to be added when replying from the ClearFeed web application.

Making Internal Comments from the web app

Open up any request on the web app and switch the toggle from "Public Reply" to "Private Message" as shown below:

Agents can acknowledge any request by responding to it with an emoji. This works in both request and triage channels.
  • Any emoji reaction from an agent on either the request or any message from a requester in the request's thread will move the request's status from Open to In Progress.

    • However, this will not work if the emoji is added to the message followed by an agent's message.

  • This feature can help agents prevent SLA alerts or workflow reminders via a simple emoji acknowledgment, without having to comment on the request.

Note: This feature does not work for the special shortcut emojis (for assign, solved, ticket), which will continue to work as per their configured behavior.

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