Creating a DM Collection

Learn how to setup and start using the ClearFeed app to create tickets

Steps to create a DM Collection

  1. Head over to your primary ClearFeed account.

  2. Click on Add new Collection and choose DM Collection

  3. Choose whether to proceed with a triage channel or not

  4. Select a ticketing integration

    • Note: Since all requests to the ClearFeed App are tickets - if you don't have a use case for an external integration, choose ClearFeed itself as an integration.

  5. Enable/Disable Request Routing

    • Request Routing enables you to route tickets created via the ClearFeed Slack App to different collections across multiple ClearFeed accounts.

  6. (Optional) Configure a workflow to help you get alerts.

Creating a DM Collection is only supported in the main ClearFeed account.

Child accounts do not have their dedicated DM collection - however, you can still create tickets for these accounts with the help of Request Routing.

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