This section highlights the frequently asked questions about Triage Channels. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at support@clearfeed.ai or via Slack.

  1. Could we make the default setting of the triage channel to have all messages treated as internal comments and only selected messages to go into customer channels?

Ans: Currently, this change is not user configurable, but you can reach out to us via support@clearfeed.ai to enable the same for your account. Once this change is made, users would need to prefix messages with 📢 emoji to have them flow into customer channels.

  1. Does renaming the triage channel take effect in ClearFeed Web App?

Ans: Yes, shortly after updating the name, it should start showing up on the dashboard. One thing to note here is that the renaming should be done by a Slack Workspace Admin.

  1. Can we edit any message and put the 🔒emoji to make it visible internally?

Ans: No, once a message is sent in a thread, it will be public. Editing the message by placing 🔒emoji post sending will not make it internal/private.

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