Frequently asked questions about Custom Fields and Forms

1. What is the character limit for text type custom fields? Is this limit user configurable?

Ans: Currently, we have a 255 character limit on the text type custom fields. This limit is hardcoded and not configurable via the users now.

2. Is there a limit on number of fields we can create?

Ans: Users can create as many single select and multi-select fields. For the text type fields, we currently support creation of only 5 fields. Please contact support@clearfeed.ai if you want to create more than 5 text type fields.

3. How many fields will be displayed in the triage request block?

Ans: The first five configured custom fields will be shown on the triage message block. However, all the created custom fields will be visible once you click on the Edit button on Triage. All the fields will also be visible on the ClearFeed Web App.

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