Intro to ClearFeed

What is ClearFeed ?

ClearFeed is a conversational support platform, purpose-built for teams that support their customers and employees on Slack. ClearFeed can be used to support both internal teams within an organization on Slack, as well as external customers via Slack Connect channels. ClearFeed is available as a Slack application that also provides a powerful Web interface and integrates with other Enterprise Tools in a company.

How does ClearFeed work?

Once installed ClearFeed converts Slack channels into conversational helpdesks. Here's a quick summary of how it works:
  • Users install ClearFeed to their Slack workspace
  • They can then add ClearFeed to specific Slack channels on which customer and employee requests are being made.
  • The ClearFeed application converts user messages from multiple Slack channels into a shared queue of requests and helps service teams manage these requests efficiently.
  • Service Teams can work a shared queue of requests from a Triage Channel. From here they can respond to the requests, manage status, priority, and ownership of each request and collaborate internally with private comments.
  • Users can also authorize ClearFeed to their Enterprise tools like JIRA, Zendesk, FreshDesk, SalesForce, Github, Linear and Hubspot. Doing so allows users to easily convert and bi-directionally synchronize Slack threads to Tickets and Issues in external systems.
  • Users can configure SLA Alerts using workflows for escalating requests pending response to different Slack channels and external tools like PagerDuty and OpsGenie (using webhooks).

The ClearFeed Web Application

In addition to the Slack App that allows users to manage requests within Slack, ClearFeed also offers a powerful Web application that can be used to:

What kind of workflows does ClearFeed support?

ClearFeed supports a variety of different use cases across different departments in a company. Some common workflows ClearFeed is used for includes:
  • As a standalone Ticketing system: Users raise queries on Slack that are tracked in ClearFeed. Users can also, optionally, be given a ticket-id and the ability to close and edit the ticket from the Slack thread.
  • As a Slack based interface to external Ticketing systems: Users raise queries on Slack that are converted to tickets in Support tools like Zendesk, FreshDesk, SalesForce or JSM. Users continue to chat from Slack, while Support agents can respond from the Support tool. ClearFeed provides real-time [bi-directional synchronization]((product-features/ticketing/external-ticketing/) of comments and statuses between Slack and the Support tool.
  • As a hybrid helpdesk: Users raise queries on Slack that are tracked in ClearFeed. Simple requests can be resolved on Slack itself - while longer, more complicated ones, are converted into tickets and issues in external Support or Engineering issue management tools.
  • As a collaborative platform to work on Tickets: Engineering loves to work from Slack, while Support agents prefer to work from their Support tool. ClearFeed allows Engineering and Support teams to collaborate on Tickets from the tool of their choice.

What kind of use cases is ClearFeed being used for?

ClearFeed is in production at scores of leading Technology firms. Some key use cases include:
  • Customer Support on Slack
  • Internal Product Support on Slack
  • Engineering Escalation Desks on Slack
  • IT Helpdesks on Slack
  • Monitoring Community Slack channels
Don't see your use case? Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or book a demo with us​

Does ClearFeed have APIs ?

Yes! Using ClearFeed's APIs and Event stream you can retrieve request data by different dimensions and then build your own reporting and real-time applications on top of our system. (Developer Settings here)

Pro Tips:

  • Read about the ClearFeed terminologies in the glossary before you get started.
  • Read about a few case studies here before you get started to understand how other customers are using ClearFeed.
  • Read about Security here if you have to share details with your security team. We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. In case you have any questions related to data security, please email [email protected]​

Introduction Video

Here's a short introduction video we did for our ProductHunt launch. ClearFeed continues to add functionality rapidly, so we would encourage you to check out our website and the rest of the documentation to keep abreast of the latest and greatest.
Introduction to ClearFeed