ClearFeed Web Application

View and filter requests or tickets using our predefined views or dive into an individual Collection's dashboard to view and filter requests belonging to that Collection.

Filtering Requests from ClearFeed Web Application

You can filter and view requests through:

  1. Collections Dashboard

    • Refine your view by navigating to a Collection's specific Request dashboard.


    • Choose from pre-existing filters for quicker analysis.

Using the Dashboards

  • View all requests particular to a Collection.

  • You can filter requests based on criteria such as request status, assignee, SLA breach status, time duration, and custom fields. Similarly, request properties can also be edited right from the dashboard.

Quick hints to help you navigate the dashboard better:

  • You can add and remove filters by using the Add filter and x button against each filter.

  • Every dashboard retains the last filter values across collections.

💡Use the filter called Requests with Tickets whenever you desire to see only tickets in a particular View or Collection.

You can click on Modify Columns at the right side of the dashboard to add/remove columns for the list view.

On the Slack App DMs Collection, you can also filter the requests by Author as shown below

Request Page

  • Clicking on any conversation will take you to a detailed view of the conversation.

  • You can view the entire conversation and the tickets linked against the conversation in this view.

  • You can also send replies and continue the conversation right from this view.

  • You can also change the assignee, modify the priority, and change the request status from this view.

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