ClearFeed Slack App

Learn how to use the ClearFeed Slack app to filter and view requests/tickets.

ClearFeed Slack App

The ClearFeed Slack app allows responders to view and filter all requests. The filters in the app home allow responders to select ClearFeed Account (if multiple accounts are configured), Collections, Channels, Duration, Assignee, and Integration. Here are the supported filters in detail:

  • Collections (or Channels): This filter allows you to choose the channel or collections to view requests that originated from the channel.

  • Status: You can filter requests by the status of the request

  • Duration: You can filter by varying periods during which the request was created.

  • Assignee: Filter by specific assignees. Unassigned requests can also be viewed using this filter.

  • Filed To: Choose the integration to view requests converted into tickets.

  • More Filters

    • Priority: Filter requests by all or specific priorities

    • Sort: Choose how to sort the filtered requests

The requests can be Assigned, Re-assigned, or Marked as Solved when the requests are displayed by selecting the three-dots selection against each request.

Head over to the next page to see how to filter requests using the power of Slash (/) commands.

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