Integrate Zendesk with ClearFeed

Learn how to connect your Zendesk account with ClearFeed

To get started using Zendesk ticketing with ClearFeed, you need to connect your Zendesk account with ClearFeed. Note:

  • The ClearFeed user connecting to Zendesk should have an account on Zendesk, and must be using the same email address on both platforms.

  • The integration can only be authorized by a Zendesk Admin.

Steps to connect Zendesk with ClearFeed

  • On the ClearFeed web app, navigate to the Settings from the nav-bar, and then open the Integrations section.

  • Next, click on the Connect button next to Zendesk. This will open a modal.

  • Input your Zendesk sub-domain in the modal and click on the Connect.

  • This will re-direct you to Zendesk's sign-in page. Fill your credentials and sign in.

  • After you sign in, you will be redirected to ClearFeed, and your integration will be completed.

Next Steps

Once Zendesk is connected to ClearFeed, you should:

  1. Set up your Ticketing Forms for creating and editing Zendesk tickets. View details here.

  2. Set up Zendesk ticketing for a Collection. Read more here.

  3. Understand the different ways to file Zendesk tickets from Slack. Read more here.

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