Creating Zendesk tickets from Slack

Once you've configured Zendesk ticketing for a Collection, you can start creating Zendesk tickets from Slack using the methods given below:

Manually create a Zendesk ticket (using emoji)

How to use emoji reaction to manually create a Zendesk ticket?
  1. A conversation is initiated on the request channel.

  2. React to the first message on the thread using the 🎟ī¸ emoji.

  3. A Zendesk ticket is created for the thread. All messages in the thread (along with the attachments) are synced to the ticket.

Automatically File a Zendesk Ticket

How to automatically convert threads into Zendesk tickets?
  1. Every new conversation (Slack thread) that is initiated on the request channel gets converted into a Zendesk ticket automatically.

  2. As soon as the ticket conversation occurs, ClearFeed posts a message on the Slack thread sharing the Zendesk ticket details.

Filing Zendesk tickets from the Triage channel

How to file Zendesk tickets from the Triage channel?

Requests in the Triage channel can be easily converted to Zendesk tickets using the More Actions button. Follow the below steps to do so:

  1. For any request on the Triage channel, click on the More Actions button.

  2. This will open a modal. Here, select the File a Zendesk Ticket option and proceed.

  3. This successfully converts the request into a Zendesk ticket.

The corresponding request channel thread on Slack now displays the title, ID, and Status of the Zendesk ticket.

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