Request Routing

By default - tickets created via the ClearFeed Slack App are stored in the Slack App DM collection. However - you can enable Request Routing which helps users select a specific collection for their tickets.

Note: Enabling Request Routing is mandatory to create tickets using the / command shortcut and the "File ticket" button.

Look how to enable Request Routing below:

How does Request Routing work?

Request Routing enables you to route tickets created via the ClearFeed Slack App to different collections across multiple ClearFeed accounts.

Settings of the selected Collection are applied to the filed ticket.

For example, if a triage channel is configured for the chosen Collection - the filed ticket will end up in the chosen triage channel.

Use Case 1: Single ClearFeed Account + Multiple Collections

  • Type your request in the Messages section on the ClearFeed Slack App.

  • From the drop-down, select the Collection where the ticket should be routed.

  • (If forms are configured) - Select the Form to be used for filing the ticket.

Use Case 2: Multiple Accounts + Multiple Collections

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