Commitment reminders

Explore our AI-enabled commitment workflows

ClearFeed uses AI to automatically find commitments in responder messages. This means you don't need to set up separate workflows for commitment reminders.

Examples when the Commitment reminders trigger:

  • There is a customer request to fix a broken website link.

  • The system will automatically analyze the response from the responders to see if they have made any commitments.

  • For example, if the support team says "We're working on it and will get back to you as soon as it's fixed," the system will track this as a commitment and classify the request as Pending on you status internally.

  • A reminder is sent exactly 24 hours after the commitment message is sent.

  • The external state of the request will be In Progress.

  • The request can be viewed in the ClearFeed Slack app or the web dashboard by applying the In Progress filter.

Other example messages that could trigger commitment workflows:

  • Let me check with the team and let you know

  • Will update once there are finer notes on the implementation

  • Suspecting a possible bug here, I'll have to check with the engineering team and confirm

  • Yes, that makes sense. Let us look into this point for the threaded messages

These workflows are enabled automatically for all requests. Here's what a commitment reminder on the triage channel looks like:

Once there is a response from the responder/support on the request, this reminder will be dismissed automatically since the commitment was fulfilled.

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