Request Properties

Request Fields

Properties such as status, priority, assignee, etc. are available as fields linked to Requests. Learn more about the two most important properties: Status and Priority.

These are the all available properties:

  1. Author - The individual who initiates the Slack message is the author of the request

  2. Status - Current status of the request. Each request comes with 6 different statuses - Open, In Progress, Pending, On Hold, Solved, and Closed.

  3. Assignee - Responders who have been assigned the request

  4. Priority - Priority of the request. High / Normal.

  5. Custom Fields - customizable additional fields for a request. Explore how to create custom fields here.

  6. CSAT - 5-point survey to indicate customer satisfaction on a request. Learn how to enable CSAT here.

  7. Last Message Timestamp - When the last message was received on a request

  8. Created Time - When the request was created on ClearFeed

  9. Summary - AI-generated title summary for each request

  10. Linked Tickets - Any request can be converted to a ticket. This can be a ClearFeed Ticket or a ticket in an external ticketing system. Once a request is converted into a Ticket, it has a unique Ticket ID that is publicly viewable by customers.

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