Relationship with the primary account

Understand what features are dependent on the primary ClearFeed account

Configurations dependent on the primary account

  • The whitelisted bots are coupled between primary and secondary account(s). That means, that when a new account is created, it carries forward the whitelisted bot configuration from the primary account. Any change in this configuration from any of the accounts (primary or secondary) will be reflected across all accounts.

  • Whitelisted domains allow users from a list of domains to join the ClearFeed Account automatically. Only the admin user’s email domain is copied over to the child account. Any other whitelisted domains are not copied. Gmail is an exception and is never copied, even for admins. To whitelist more domains, users need to manually add them to the child accounts.

  • If you choose to share the integrations and connect the new account to a different Slack workspace, then the integrations will be dependent on the primary account. You will be unable to reconnect or delete them from the new account.

Configurations independent of the primary account

  • Account-level settings such as whitelisted domains, SLAs, business hours, data retention, and user management are independent for the new account(s).

  • Collection and channel management settings are independent and isolated for the new account.

  • Objects (forms and fields), and Knowledge Sources are not dependent on the primary account.

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