Send your announcement across Slack

Broadcast your drafted announcement across Slack channels

Now that you've created your announcement draft, it's time to finalize and send it across your Slack channels. Here's how to do it using ClearFeed:

  1. Access your announcement draft:

    • Go to Announcements on the ClearFeed web app.

    • In the Drafts section, find the announcement you want to broadcast.

  2. Tweak your announcement's settings:

    • Click Edit next to your announcement to open settings.

    • Update the announcement's title, if required. Note: This will only be visible in the ClearFeed web app and won't appear in the announcement sent on Slack.

    • Select recipient channels: Either choose an entire Collection or specific channels.

    • Send a test announcement: Preview by sending a test announcement to any channel. Note: A test announcement will always appear as sent by you.

    • Set the sender identity. You can choose to send the announcement as:

      1. Channel Owner: Announcement appears as sent by the channel owner.

      2. ClearFeed: Announcement is sent by the ClearFeed bot. Note: You can't modify the bot's name (ClearFeed) or icon (ClearFeed's logo).

      3. Specific User: Announcement appears as sent under a chosen user's name. Note: This user doesn't have to be in the recipient channel(s).

  3. Determine your announcement's timing:

    • Send Now: Instantly broadcasts your announcement across the selected channels.

    • Scheduled for Later: Schedule your announcement for a future broadcast time. For more details on scheduling, refer to this guide.


  • To edit the content of a draft or scheduled announcement, directly modify the original Slack message.

  • ClearFeed always sends the latest version of a Slack message as the announcement.

  • Once sent, an announcement can't be modified.

By following these guidelines, your announcements will be sent effectively!

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