Editing and Deleting announcements

Editing an announcement draft

Only announcements in Draft or Scheduled states can be modified.

  • Navigate to Announcements on the ClearFeed web app

    • Draft: Go to the Drafts tab for announcements not yet sent or scheduled.

    • Scheduled: Navigate to the Scheduled tab for upcoming broadcasts.

  • Click the Edit button next to the announcement you wish to modify and modify as required

Deleting Announcements:

Deleting an announcement only removes its record on ClearFeed.

  • Draft: Deleting a draft doesn't impact the original message on Slack.

  • Scheduled: Deleting a scheduled announcement prevents its dispatch. However, it doesn't impact the original message on Slack

  • Sent: Deleting a sent announcement doesn't recall it from Slack channels where it's already delivered.

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