This section highlights the frequently asked questions about Announcements. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at support@clearfeed.ai or via Slack.

  1. Can we edit an announcement after it has been sent?

Ans: Currently - we do not allow for announcements to be edited after sending them across. You can save an announcement in Draft mode and make edits until the message is finalized and announced.

  1. Are URL previews shown for each link that is inserted in an announcement? Is there any way to disable these previews?

Ans: If any URLs are mentioned in an announcement message - the preview is shown as this is the default Slack behavior. Currently - we are working to enable a way for customers to disable previews.

Workaround to not include previews:

  1. Create an announcement message with all the URLs included. DO NOT remove any link previews before creating the announcement.

  2. Once the announcement is created and saved as Draft, click on the remove icon (x).

  3. You will see a dialog box where you need to perform the following:

    • Mark Also block previews from this website in the future checkbox.

    • As shown below, you will get three options to select how to block previews:

  1. Once the preview is removed - test/send out the announcement and it will not have any previews.

The entire flow is displayed in the short demo below:

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