Request Statuses

Request Statuses

Each request on ClearFeed has 6 statuses - Open, In-Progress, Pending, On-Hold, Solved, and Closed. Following are the definitions of each status of the request:

  1. Open: There is pending response from the responders

  2. In Progress: There is active work being done on the request by the responders.

  3. Pending: The responder is waiting for a response from the requester.

  4. On Hold: Work on the request has been halted by the responder team or has been transferred to an external ticketing system

  5. Solved: The request is solved by the responders, but can be reopened if there is a follow-up response by the requester.

  6. Closed: The request is permanently resolved and any response from the requester/responder cannot reopen the request.

Colour Codes

Each request on the Triage channel has a corresponding color associated with it depending on the status of the request.

Status Management

Requests status can be manually changed on ClearFeed through a variety of methods:

  • Using Emoji rules

  • Using Edit button on the Triage channel

  • From the ClearFeed Web app

Below is a short demonstration of how a request status is changed from the methods mentioned above:

Automated Status transitions

ClearFeed manages the request status transitions automatically based on a few triggers. Following are the automated status transitions supported by ClearFeed:

  1. Status = Open

    • When a new request is initiated by an author it has an Open status

      • Our AI can distinguish messages that signal "Thanks" or closure acknowledgments and doesn't move the status in those cases to Open

    • The request stays in Open status until there is a response from the responder

    • If the request is in In-Progress, Pending, or Solve status, a reply from the requester or any non-responder on the same request moves the status to Open.

  2. Status = In Progress

    • The request will move to In Progress status from Open status if there is a reply from the responder on the request

    • If the emoji rules are enabled on the channel and the responder adds an šŸ‘€ without any reply on the request thread, the status will move to In Progress

  3. Status = Pending

    • Once a request is manually moved to Pending by a responder - any further response to the request from responders will keep the status as Pending.

  4. Status = On Hold

    • If the request is converted to a Ticket using an integration (e.g. Zendesk), then the request will be moved to On Hold status

  5. Status = Solved

    • If the responder adds a check-mark emoji on the request thread in Slack, then the request status will be moved to Solved

    • If a linked ticket to a request gets solved in the downstream system (e.g. Zendesk), āœ… is applied on the request thread and it will move the status of the request to Solved

    • If a requester responds on the same thread with a follow up question/request, the status will change from Solved to Open.

Manual Status transitions

  • Status = Closed

    • If the responder clicks on Mark as closed button from triage or changes the request state to Closed - only then the request is marked as closed. There are no automatic transitions to close a request.

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