Field Properties

A glossary of Field properties on ClearFeed


In this section, we provide a comprehensive glossary of field properties on ClearFeed, helping you understand the various attributes and characteristics associated with fields used in Zendesk Forms. Familiarizing yourself with these field properties is essential for configuring your Forms effectively

Non-removable fields (Only for Create action forms)

  • Certain fields, such as Subject, Description, and Requester Email, are non-removable. These fields cannot be removed from any Create action form.

  • ClearFeed pre-fills these non-removable fields when filing a Zendesk ticket from Slack.

    • Note: All other Zendesk fields will be treated as removable for both Create and Edit action forms.

Hidden Fields

  • Every field within the Create or Edit action form can be hidden. However, when hiding a field, you must specify a default value (except for non-removable fields, which are pre-filled).

  • Hiding fields allows you to send default or auto-filled values to Zendesk when filing a ticket while ensuring that the field remains invisible and unmodifiable within Slack.

    • Note: Permission settings of the field (All/Responder) become irrelevant for hidden fields.

Default Values

  • You have the option to assign a default value to any fields (except non-removable fields) within a Form to populate in Zendesk. This is mandatory for hidden fields.

  • Non-hidden fields will appear in the Form to users with the required permissions, and any default values entered will be visible and modifiable.

  • For hidden fields, default values are sent directly to Zendesk without displaying or allowing modification in Slack.

Required Fields

  • Specify if the field is optional or mandatory when creating a ticket in the 'Required field' column.

    • Note: By default, the 'Required field' value corresponds to the Zendesk Required field setting. If a field is marked as required in Zendesk, it will automatically be set to 'Required'.

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