When creating a ticket

Configuring the Create action form


Every Zendesk Form includes a Create action form that enables users to specify Zendesk fields that must be populated when creating a ticket. In this section, we'll explore the configuration options and best practices for the Create form.

Configuring the Create Action Form

Within every Form, you will find a dedicated tab named When creating a ticket. This tab houses the Create action form, which is enabled by default in all Forms. Below, we break down the key aspects of configuring this form effectively:

Enable or Disable: The Create Action Form is enabled by default, but you can choose to disable it using the dedicated toggle if it doesn't align with your workflow.

Managing Fields:

  • Adding Fields: Populate the Create action form by selecting fields from the Zendesk Fields table. Only Zendesk fields supported by ClearFeed will be visible for selection.

  • Removing Fields: If necessary, you can remove a field from the Create form by using the delete icon.

    • Note: Requester Email, Subject, and Description are non-removable and pre-filled by ClearFeed. However, they can be hidden to prevent modification.

  • Reordering Fields: To customize the order of the fields, click and hold a field in the left column, then drag and drop it to your desired position in the sequence.

    • Note: Non-removable fields will always be on top, while hidden fields will automatically move to the bottom once the changes are saved.

  • Default Values: You have the option to add default values to the fields. Default values automatically populate the corresponding Zendesk fields when a ticket is created.

    • Note: Default values cannot be entered for non-removable fields.

  • Hidden Fields: To ensure specific fields are not modified during ticket creation, you can choose to hide them from the Create Action Form.

    • Note: When hiding a field, it is mandatory to assign a default value to it.

  • Permissions: Specify who is required to fill a given field when creating a ticket using the Editable by column. Choose between All users or Only responders.

    • Note: Only users with the specified permission for a field will see it in the form when creating a ticket on Slack. However, they must mandatorily fill it to proceed.

  • Required Field: Specify if the field is optional or mandatory when creating a ticket.

    • Note: By default, the 'Required field' value corresponds to the Zendesk Required field setting. If a field is marked as required in Zendesk, it will automatically be set to 'Required'.

Allow Creating Tickets Without a Form:

  • If all fields in a form are hidden, responders and requesters can create a ticket without filling out a form.

  • If all fields in a Form are set to be editable by only responders, requesters can create a ticket without filling out a form.

    • Note: In both cases, the pre-filled or default value of fields will be populated in Zendesk.

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