Editing ClearFeed Tickets with Forms

Modify the ticket field details seamlessly using the Edit action form


Efficiently editing ClearFeed esk tickets using Forms is a key feature of ClearFeed's ticket management system. In this section, we'll guide you through the ticket editing process, ensuring you have a smooth experience from start to finish.

Ticket Editing

  • If the Parent Form used for creating a ticket, or its underlying Edit action is inactive, you will be unable to edit existing tickets filed through that Form.

  • Additionally, if the Edit action of a Form is disabled, any new ticket filed from its parent Form will not have the Edit ticket button within its message block on Slack.

To initiate ticket editing, simply click on the Edit Ticket button within the message block of an existing ticket. This action opens the Edit form specific to the ticket, allowing you to make necessary changes.

Modifying Fields

  • Users have the ability to update and add new values to fields based on configured permissions, ensuring ticket data stays current and precise.

  • Note:

    • Any ticket can only be edited using one form: The Edit action form within the Form that was used to create the ticket.

    • Disabling a Parent Form (or its underlying Edit action form) will disable the editing feature for existing tickets created using it. Moreover, the Edit Ticket button will be hidden from all new tickets created using the Form.


If all fields in an Edit Form are hidden when the responders and requesters click on Edit ticket button, it will update the respective default values of the ClearFeed ticket fields, without showing any form on Slack.

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