Creating ClearFeed Tickets with Forms

Learn the different ways to create tickets using Forms


Efficiently create ClearFeed tickets and capture relevant information using Forms. In this section, we'll guide you through the ticket filing process, ensuring you have a smooth experience from start to finish.

Ticket Creation

To initiate the ticket creation process, ensure that ClearFeed ticketing is enabled in the Collection. You can follow the steps mentioned here to enable the same. Once this is in place, you can follow these steps:

  1. Trigger Ticket Creation: Tickets can be created using various methods. When you trigger ticket creation:

  • Using emoji: An ephemeral message appears, inviting the user to select a form and file the ticket.

  • Using Automatic ticketing: As soon as the request is sent, a threaded message is posted as a reply, inviting the user to select a form and file the ticket.

  1. Form Selection: In the message, you'll find a dropdown selector with all available Forms and the File Ticket button. Even Forms that do not require user input will be listed here.

    • Note: If only a single Form is enabled, the selector will not be displayed.

  1. Select Form and File Ticket: Choose the desired Form from the dropdown and click File Ticket. This action opens a message selection modal.

  2. Create action form: Once you select the relevant form and click on File Ticket, the corresponding Create action form opens in a modal. Here, users must fill in the fields as per their configured permissions.

  3. Successful Ticket Creation: Upon completing the form, you can proceed to successfully create your ClearFeed ticket.

Creating tickets without a Form

  • If all fields in a form are hidden, both responders and requesters will be able to create a ticket without filling out a form.

  • If all fields in a Form are set to be editable by only responders, requesters will be able to create a ticket without filling out a form.

    • Note: In both cases, the pre-filled or default value of fields will be populated in the ClearFeed ticket.

Example: The following form will let requesters/responders create a ticket without going through a form. The Platform field will be filled with the default value Andriod 11 here.


  • If you want all users to always create tickets without a form, consider not creating any additional Forms and hide all fields in the Create Form in the Default ClearFeed Form.

  • If you want to give users the option to create tickets without a form alongside other forms, set up a Form and hide all fields in it. You can name it Continue without Form for better user understanding on Slack.

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