When editing a ticket


Every ClearFeed Form contains an Edit action form, allowing users to specify which fields can be edited or newly populated for an existing ticket. In this section, we'll explore the configuration options and best practices for the Edit form.

Configuring the Edit action form

Within every Form, you will find a dedicated tab named When Editing a Ticket. This tab houses the Edit action form, which is enabled by default in all Forms (except the default ClearFeed Form).

Below, we break down the key aspects of configuring this form effectively:

Enable or Disable: The Edit action form is enabled by default in all Forms (except the default ClearFeed Form), but you can choose to disable it using the dedicated toggle if it doesn't align with your workflow.

Managing Fields:

  • Adding Fields: Populate the Edit action form by selecting fields from the ClearFeed Fields table available on the right-hand side as a menu.

    • Note: Only custom fields defined along with default fields (Title, Priority, and Assignee) will be visible for selection.

  • Removing Fields: Unlike Create Action Forms, Edit action forms do not have non-removable fields and can have fields removed as needed.

  • Reordering Fields: To customize the order of the fields, click and hold a field in the left column, then drag and drop it to your desired position in the sequence.

  • Default Values: Add default values to specific fields within the Edit action form. These default values will either overwrite the existing values or populate new fields in the ClearFeed ticket when editing.

    • Note: A field's default value will overwrite its original value from ticket creation whenever the ticket is edited.

  • Hiding Fields: Similar to the Create action form, you can hide specific fields in the Edit action form. This ensures that specified fields' default values cannot be modified during ticket editing.

    • Note: It is mandatory to enter a default value for a hidden field.

  • Permissions: Specify who can edit or fill a given field when editing a ticket using the Editable by column. Choose between All users or Only responders.

    • Note: Only users with the specified permission for a field will see it in the form when editing a ticket on Slack.

  • Required Field: Specify if the field is optional or mandatory when creating a ticket

    • Note: The value is set to 'Required' by default whenever a new field is created.

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