Personal Access Token


ClearFeed's Personal Access Token (PAT) is a bearer token that provides authentication for users when making API calls. It offers a secure way to access and manage resources without exposing your primary credentials.

Key Facts

  1. Not Present By Default: The PAT is not generated automatically for users. It must be manually created.

  2. One Token Per User: At any given point in time, only one token is available per user.

  3. Deletion and Regeneration: If there are concerns about security or if a token is misplaced, it can be deleted and a new one can be generated.

Creating your Personal Access Token

Go to the Developer Settings page and click on Generate Token to create a new token.

Using your Personal Access Token

When making API calls to ClearFeed, include the token in the Authorization header of your request:


Replace YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN with the token you generated.

Deleting & Regenerating your Token

If you ever feel your token has been compromised, or you want to generate a new one:

  1. Go to Developer Settings page.

  2. Click on the delete icon against the existing token.

  3. Generate a new one if required.

Security Considerations

  • Never Share: Treat your personal access token like a password. Do not share it, expose it in client-side code, or store it in insecure locations.

  • Regular Rotation: For added security, consider periodically deleting and regenerating your token.

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