Stop Monitoring Channels

We can stop monitoring channels by removing ClearFeed from the channel. This can be done in two ways:

Using the web app to stop monitoring a channel

The Collection settings also allow us to remove channels from being monitored. You can find the same mentioned in the documentation listed previously under collection settings: Removing Channels from a Collection

Removing ClearFeed from a channel in Slack

As we used Slack's invite command to add ClearFeed, we can use the /remove command to stop ClearFeed from monitoring a channel. To do the same, we can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. We would need to go to the respective Slack channel.

  2. Type /remove @clearfeed and hit enter.

  1. ClearFeed would no longer monitor this channel. The triage channel associated with the particular Collection would get an alert informing about the removal of a channel as shown below:

  2. On the web app, under the Collection dropdown, we should see the following interface:

Note: The above settings to restore data will be available for 2 days. Clicking on Restore Data would add ClearFeed back into the channel from where it was removed and the older requests would be automatically restored.

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