Testing GPT-Powered Answers

Assess the accuracy and relevance of your GPT-Powered Answers

Follow these simple steps to assess the accuracy and relevance of the answers generated using your Knowledge Sources:

  1. Preparation:

    • Confirm that all necessary Knowledge Sources are added and their current status is Indexed. You cannot test a Knowledge Source having any other status.

  2. Access the Test Area:

    • Navigate to the Knowledge Sources from the navigation bar.

    • Locate and click on the Test tab to enter the testing environment.

  3. Selection of Knowledge Sources:

    • To specify which Knowledge Source(s) to test, use the dropdown menu on the right to select the appropriate tag(s) corresponding to those Knowledge Sources.

  4. Run Your Test:

    • Input your question into the text box provided.

    • Press the Run button to initiate the testing process.

  5. Review Your Answers:

    • ClearFeed starts searching within your indexed Knowledge Sources for snippets containing information about the request.

    • Then, ClearFeed uses GPT to generate an answer using the most relevant snippet.

    • Finally, the Generated Answer, along with the snippets (as Search Results) are posted in a text box below your question.

Important Note: The testing feature works only with Knowledge Sources that have been successfully indexed at least once.

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