How to use the Agent Assistant on Slack

Answer Generation on Triage

  1. A request is propagated from a request channel to its corresponding triage.

  2. This triggers the Agent Assistant, which starts searching for snippets (Search Results) within your indexed Knowledge Sources containing information pertaining to the request.

  3. The Agent Assistant then uses GPT to generate an answer using the most relevant snippet.

  4. Then, it posts this Generated Answer as internal comment on the request's thread in triage.

  5. If the agent is satisfied with the answer, they can share it as a response to the request.


  • You can provide your feedback to the answer using the 👍 / 👎 emojis. Your feedback is crucial since it helps us improve the quality of our answer.

  • If the Agent Assistant is unable to find a relevant answer to the request, it will post a message as shown below.

Accessing Search Results

  1. In case the Generated Answer is not useful, the agent click on the See more results button to access all Search Results.

  2. This opens a new modal which has all Search Results found by ClearFeed in the previous step.

  3. If these Search Results are helpful for solving the query, the agents can refer to them for drafting responses or directly share the section's URL with requesters.

  4. Moreover, the agents can choose to edit the request's query to make it clearer for searching.

  5. Generating Answers: If a certain search result is relevant, you can click on Generate Answer button to generate an answer using GPT. If you are satisfied with the answer, share it as a response to the request.

Using The Answers Button

You can manually trigger the Agent Assistant and search for answers using the Answers button. Simply click on the Answers button in the propagated request's block to open the Assistant's modal, and follow the steps in the above section.

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